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Posted on Nov 11, 2014 in Enlaces/Links, Noticias / News

9 Essential Apps for Storms and Emergencies

9 Essential Apps for Storms and Emergencies


  • Ubalert-

    1. ubAlert

    ubAlert is a global social network where users share alerts about disasters both natural (such as Hurricane Katrina) and man-made (9/11 terrorist attacks). Ordinary citizens can post accounts of what they see and experience, giving true first-hand reports of disaster events as they unfold.

  • Fema

    2. Official FEMA App

    FEMA’s app is comprehensive: Use it to arrange a meeting spot with your family, to find an interactive emergency kit and to learn basic disaster safety tips.

  • Pocket-first-aid

    3. Pocket First Aid and CPR

    There are several great first aid apps out there, including a great one by the American Red Cross but our favorite is the Pocket First Aid and CPR app from Jive Media. It even helped one victim of the 2010 Haiti earthquake survive for more than 60 hours under a pile of rubble.

  • Reunite

    4. ReUnite

    ReUnite, the lost family finder from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, helps to update the NLM’s People Locator for natural disasters. Post information about missing (and found) family members to ensure the searches begin immediately.

  • Life360

    5. Life360 Family Finder

    Before you go reporting anyone missing, the Life360 Family Finder lets your family members share their exact location with you at all times. Don’t worry, you can turn off the location services when not in an emergency, or just use the chat feature to stay in touch.

    IMAGE: LIFE360
  • Emergency

    6. !Emergency!

    Imagine yourself in a disaster situation. Pretty bad, right? Now imagine yourself in a disaster situation in a foreign country. You don’t know where the closest embassy is, or the 911 equivalent in Germany or Mexico or Japan, let alone the separate numbers for fire, police and medical services. The !Emergency! app will automatically detect the country you’re in and then direct you to the proper authorities.

  • Wild-edibles

    7. Wild Edibles

    It may not seem likely that you’ll be stranded in an area where you’ll have to forage for food, but your stomach will thank you for this Wild Edibles app if you are. It gives you the information you’ll need to identify, harvest and use over 165 of the best medicinal and edible North American plants.

  • Shelter-ivew

    8. American Red Cross Shelter View

    This app shows you the location of nearby shelters that have been opened to provide assistance. Updated every 30 minutes, you’ll be able to see the location, capacity, current number of shelter residents and the date and time of the last update for each shelter.

  • Winter-survival-kit

    9. Winter Survival Kit

    Winter storms are another threat to start preparing for, and this winter survival kit can help. It details what you should keep with you in your car and what to do if you do end up stranded, and will notify emergency services for you. It’ll even alert you to turn your car off briefly every 30 minutes and to check your exhaust pipe for snow buildup, to protect from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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